Written by on January 18, 2022

The year 2021 was a roller coaster of events both good and bad. Entering the year 2022, let’s leave out all the negative vibes and be more positive, spread love and not hate, be happy always and not sad.

Well, here are some things you need to do this year.

1. Be prayerful: in all things give thanks to the Lord. In this new year, draw close to God if you haven’t, and if you have, draw even closer to him because (na person wey dey alive dey give thanks o)

2. Map out a new year’s resolution: it’s not just about “new year, new me”( please end this phrase, e no make) instead, write your goals for the year and start working to make it a reality!

3. Say bye to 2021: forgive and forget, let go and let live. Note down those challenges you were faced with, in 2021 and how you dealt with them to avoid reoccurrence in 2022.

4. Actualize your goals: don’t just jot them down, manifest them! Break them down to make it feasible (monthly, quarterly or even weekly) and at the end of the year, look at how far you went and how much you were able to achieve.

5. Take a break and go on adventures: all work and no play, makes Jack and Jill a dull kid, (no go break your back with work!) If you like don’t rest, another man will enjoy your reward.

Make sure to take breaks as when due, keep your mental, physical and spiritual being intact.

Leave your house (don’t slouch in your living and become furniture), explore, put on a nice outfit and have fun, take pictures, eat in a good restaurant or cook at home whichever.

Have fun this new year

Just stay focused this new year, pray, eat, rest,  smile, be happy and watch everything fall into place.

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