Very Dark Man continues to shade actress “My life is in Tonto Dikeh’s hands as she knows my routines”

Written by on January 12, 2024

Despite Tonto Dikeh’s arrest order, Very Dark Man persists in his social media confrontation. He reveals they share the same Abuja gym, emphasizing she knows his schedule and asserts his life is in her hands.

Refuting the idea of a woman being a man’s downfall, he declares himself a “honey badger” and cryptically mentions an encounter with Gistlover, hinting at a different side from Edo State.

“Tonto Dikeh and I use the same gym in Abuja, she knows my routine, she knows when I come and when I leave. My life is in her hands.

Tonto Dikeh my life is in your hands

You go explain tire when I say you will learn I meant you will learn

They say all great men were brought down by women. Sadly I identify as a honey badger

I was in the same room with Gistlover yesterday. It is my world y’all live in it, fun fact I go let them know I am from Edo State…. You go dey use VDM play”.

Very Dark Man says his life is in Tonto's hands

Tonto took decisive action against Very Dark Man for his allegations. She summoned him to the police for questioning, vowing to impart a lasting lesson.

On Instagram, Tonto portrayed herself as fearless, likening herself to a lion confidently striding through the wild.

When it came to arresting VDM, she expressed shock at his bold online denial of the crimes. It astonished her that he claimed ignorance about her son and their history.

Undeterred, the actress, resolute and unyielding, pledged to confront him head-on.In the preceding months, VDM gained notoriety for his outspoken and, at times, hurtful statements on various issues in the country.

Previously, he criticized Tonto for aligning herself with the All Progressives Congress (APC), infamous for thuggery. He accused her of affiliating with a party known for deploying thugs to intimidate others.Additionally, Very Dark Man had clashed with Tonto earlier when she sought Mohbad’s body’s release for a proper burial. He contested her request, citing that the Nigerian police wouldn’t release the body until completing their investigation into Mohbad’s death.

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