Mercy Eke BBNaija opens up About Surgery

Written by on June 10, 2022

Why I did cosmetic surgery before BBN, and proud about it – BBNaija’s Mercy Eke opens up


Mercy says she’s open about her surgery because she did it to gain self-confidence for herself, which has enabled her to wear whatever she likes and equally market her fashion brand herself, without employing any influencer.


Mercy Chinenyenwa Eke, the Big Brother Naija season 4 Pepper Dem reality television show winner and ex-housemate, has disclosed why she enhanced her body before Big Brother Naija 2019 show.

The reality TV star noted that she did that because she wants to enhance her confidence. She added that she wants to be looking good in what she wears.


Mercy stepped further, stressing that she’s into fashion and enhancing her body enables her to model her outfits herself without paying any influencer for the job. The ex-Pepper Dem star opens up that anytime she employs influencer to market her fashion lines, she won’t get any positive outcome, but when she does it herself, it affects the sales positively.

Mercy also commented on the fact that she’s open and proud of her body enhancement because she did it for herself. She also noted that those ones who hide it, are the ones who did it because of what people said.


The extravagant reality TV star purports that as long as she’s happy with her body enhancement, there’s nothing anyone says about it that can hurt her, because most of them who criticize her are those ones who did theirs secretly.

Temisan asked Mercy, “Why are you so open about the things that you’ve done to yourself because some people really hide, they’d rather tell you that they drank 20 litres of this, to add weight, to ‘grow my butt’ and everything. But why are you so open about yours.


You even did your body before you got into the house, right?

“You were so open about it. And this was at a time when people were so confident to talk about what they’ve done, but you already spoke about it, why?”


Mercy Eke replied, “Because, I did it for myself. I did it to enhance my confidence. I wanted to look good in what I wear. I’m into fashion and getting it right, I have to have a certain type of body for myself.

“I feel like those ones are hiding from it maybe they don’t have the confidence. They feel like maybe they’re doing it for someone, but I did it for myself. I did it to sell my business.


“Like right now, I model my MnM luxury, I model my fashion brand. When I pay other influencers, it doesn’t bring… except when I wear it. When I wear anything, people will begin to buy it.

“So, I did it for myself, I did it for my business, I did it to look good. Yes. I don’t think there’s anything to be ashamed of, in enhancing your body. People are bleaching, it’s all the same thing, it depends on how you’re doing it.


Temisan asked Mercy if bleaching is another form of enhancement, she said, “Yes because that’s not how God created you. Even the lashes. So, if you think you’re that girl, leave yourself the way God made you, why are you trying to touch one or two. So, if you check it, they’re all the same thing. So, if you can do that, I can actually enhance my body too, that’s my body and it’s your nose. No, like, I’m being honest”.




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