Angel – ‘I dropped out after only two weeks in UniLag’

Written by on May 27, 2022

‘Why I dropped out after only two weeks in UniLag’ – BBNaija’s Angel discloses

Angel Smith

Angel Smith

Former Big Brother Naija season 6 Shine Ya Eye star and reality television ex-housemate, Angel Agnes Smith bare it all during a podcast session with Nigeria’s Temisan Emmanuel, on Tea With Tay podcast session.

Angel had it to spill that she only stayed two weeks at the University before dropping out to cater and fend for herself. She didn’t just drop out without any reason.


According to the reality TV star, having to go through her first-ever sexual assault experience made it more traumatic for her to leave the school without letting her family know.

And coupled with how her grandmother treated her while growing up, she said to have dealt with a lot of unbearable emotional disasters during that two weeks in UniLag.


Meanwhile, Angel revealed that after the Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eye show, her granny apologized. “I feel like I got a lot of healing after Big Brother. After Big Brother, my granny apologized to me. She has never apologized to me before.”

Disclosing why she had to drop out of UniLag, Angel noted, “I struggled so much for those two weeks because when I got to UNILAG, I had my first sexual assault experience.


“I still vividly…, but I can’t remember his face. You know how your brain is good at wiping things that are so traumatic. I can’t remember his face but I can remember one statement he made, he was like, ‘don’t let me rape you’. That’s what he said.

“And after the experience happened, I moved through it and didn’t tell anybody and pretending like nothing ever happened. But it affected my school life so much. I always blamed it on not knowing what I wanted to do in University of Lagos, when actually, I knew what I wanted to do, growing up.


“I went from wanting to be a gynecologist, to being so good in english and so gifted in writing and I used to win so many spelling gifts, knowing that this was my calling, I’m just talking and writing.

“So, I knew what I wanted to do. But I didn’t do it actually because I had experienced something traumatic, and I didn’t tell anybody about it, especially not my granny because I had so much shame.


“And I didn’t want to be blamed, ‘oh yeah if you didn’t dress that way, they wouldn’t have done that, because knowing people that are rapists, it’s not about your dressing. It’s just like a power play and you’re the victim.

“So, I didn’t tell my granny and I remember being so in my head….”


‘Why I dropped out after only two weeks in UniLag’ – BBNaija’s Angel discloses.

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