Why I get so upset when people troll my mom – BBNaija’s Angel (video)

Written by on May 27, 2022

Why I get so upset when people troll my mom

Former Shine Ya Eye star, and Big Brother Naija season 6 reality television ex-housemate, Angel Agnes Smith made it open, during a recent podcast session with a podcaster, Temisan Emmanuel, on Tea With Tay podcast that her mom is her hero.

Angel insisted that her relationship with her mom was topnotch and there’s nothing anyone would say about her mom that wouldn’t hurt her,


because she grew up seeing how consistent the mother was fending for her, especially during her high school.

The reality star also mentioned that her relationship with her mom gets so much better as she grows, because of the similar generational trauma they share together.


When asked if her relationship with her mom got better over time, Angel responds,

“Yeah because I could just say my mom was me honestly and we have actually come such a long way from generational trauma.


Angel, having said that she grew up with her granny, who didn’t treat her well, equals it to what her mom experienced in the hands of an aunt who also maltreated her mom, which was the main reason the mother birthed her.

“She didn’t grow up with my granny. Granny was in London and she(my mom) was in Nigeria.


She had to grow up with an aunt that treated her so badly, which was why she had me,”. Angel said about her mom.

She continued, “That’s why I would get so upset like when people troll me only,


I don’t care, but when people troll my mom, it gets to me and

I always remind myself to not reply because this woman has gone through so much for me”.


The ex-Shine Ya Eye star recounted how her mom worked round the clock to make sure her high school fees of up to a million was paid, for six years,

even as a single mother.


“I went to a high school where our fees are up to a million and my mom paid that every year, for six years. A single mother.

“I gave her so much accolades for all that she did for me. Even though, in terms of emotions,


she wasn’t really like a stronghold to lean on. But in terms of making sure that my school work was done.

“And I used to be the friend that people would come to in high school if they needed something.


They’d run out of toiletries or anything, it would be me. I had bag of glitter pen, I was active.

She provided for me as a single mom, from when she was 16. I went to the best school,” Angel said.


The reality TV star further expressed that anytime her mom stays active online, she (Angel) is always happy because her mom didn’t enjoy those things when she was busy raising her. And it annoys her seeing that people troll her mom for being on social media.

She said, “I get too upset when people drag her, because she’s so young and she just Tiktoks and she’s online, and people don’t understand that she’s doing those things because she was a child raising me. She didn’t have the time to experience those things and do the things that her people that did not have kids were doing, like clubbing and all of that.


“When I see my mom clubbing now, I’m in her DM saying, ‘yes girl, you go’, because you spent so much time as a child.

I grew up with you basically.


“There’s not so much gap between me and my mom. I’m in my 20s she’s in her 30s. So, I grew up with her. I saw her go 24, 25.

“So, when people come and they’re trolling her I’ll be like, please leave that woman alone to enjoy her life.


Let her do her Tik Tok in peace, let her be online in peace, if she wants to comment on that Instablog let her go and comment on that Instablog because she didn’t experience those things.”

Angel equally disclosed that her mom was the one person who advised and encouraged her to apply for the Big Brother Naija season 6 show.


Even though at the time, her mom had always said she personally wanted to be in the show but having a daughter who has more opportunities to make it to the show, gives her the urge to inspire Angel.

“She was like go for Big Brother and everything, and I’m like okay.


I’m just going to do it and see how it goes. I mean, I’m looking for a boost somewhere,” Angel revealed.

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