‘Why I regret going to Big Brother Naija show’ – BBNaija’s Angel (video)

Written by on May 17, 2022

• Being misunderstood is one thing and having so much anxiety that the people you thought will stand by you are now coming against and criticizing you profusely is another thing, Angel believes.

Angel Agnes Smith, the ex-Big Brother Naija season 6 reality television star, and ex-housemate had an interview with popular podcaster, Temisan Emmanuel, aka Tay, on Tea With Tay, where she unmasked several things about her past, her family and celebrity life, after Big Brother show.


Angel made it open, why she regrets going to Big Brother Naija show, and it’s nothing more than seeing herself being misunderstood, by people who she thought will always stand by her but in turn, criticize her.

The former Shine Ya Eye star gave an instance when she woke up in the morning of that interview and saw that no one sent her message. Like she didn’t have to see much of that mutualistic lifestyles between her and her close peers.


When asked if she sometimes regret going to Big Brother, Angel stated, “Yes, I regretted it today as I woke up. Nothing happened. I just woke up and was just like Angel, nobody sent you message.

Tay concurrently asked Angel, ‘so this same thing happens to you too’? She continued, “Yes, I mean, who sent you message, it could have been… I know I was not in the best place. But, I was okay, for my age. I was doing perfectly okay for my age.


The interviewer then asked Angel her main reason for regretting going to Big Brother, ‘Is it because everyone is not being misunderstood except yourself?’ Angel added, “Yes, it’s a mixture of everything. I will say, out of Big Brother House, I think I’m definitely, maybe I’m over exaggerating, but I think I have to be the one that is mostly misunderstood.

“I can just tweet something randomly and someone will come and be like, you’re trolling this person, meanwhile I’m just tweeting a tweet. Half of the time, I actually do not know what’s happening on the timeline. I just tweet and go, I come and see that people are in my comment section, dragging me and saying that I am…


“So, there’s days when I feel like that because, obviously the trolling will get too much, because sometimes, you actually want to go online and have fun. You want to go online, go back to how it was before Big Brother or before you became someone famous.

“You want to tweet, knowing that, maybe, people will understand, like you’re mutual, because before Big Brother, you have mutual friends, when you tweet, you already know that people will understand that perspective you’re coming from, because you choose your following at this point.


“But after Big Brother, everything surrounds you being in the House and friendships, like as if before Big Brother you didn’t have any friends or you didn’t have any relationship.

“Yeah, I think sometimes, the fans have to do with it, like adjusting to the industry because you’re just… there’s so much anxiety….”


Watch video below.


‘Why I regret going to Big Brother Naija show’ – BBNaija’s Angel (video) .


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