‘You Were Once A Stripper’ – Bobrisky Reveals Why Cardi B Should Forgive Offset

Written by on December 17, 2018

Controversial cross dresser, Bobrisky has weighed in on the ongoing feud between Cardi B and her estranged husband, Offset over infidelity.

According to the Bobrisky, Cardi B should forgive Offset and take him back because she was once a $tripper.


Read Bobrisky’s post via Snapchat on why Cardi B should forgive Offset below:

I want Cardi B to forgive offset. Men cheat there is nothing you can do about that. All you need to do is just to pray for them to change. It hurt so bad to see someone you love cheating on you but such is life.


I’m saying this from my own perspective because i forgive easily mostly when i am in love with the person. I have trust issues mostly when i don’t know you yet. The moment i know you well, then i can be free and honest with you. I’m so caring.

I See myself in Cardi because she seems so emotional… I’m so emotional that little things make me cry mostly when i am in love with the person.


Are you saying Cardi B has never slept with someone’s husband ? That is question 1) Question 2) those guys going to spray dollars at the $trippers club also have a wife at home. You all better stop deceiving yourself. When mistake happen let forgive.

Every girl want to sleep with a rich man that spend money on women. if i was in Cardi B shoes o! I will accept my mam back to shame all my haters. For a man to come out in public to beg you for his mistakes. HABA, God self forgive our sin”




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