Being Funny Does Not Make You A Comedian -Ushbebe

Written by on February 12, 2019

Nigeria comedian, Justice Emonaerere Nuagbe popularly know as Ushbebe was with Mark Otabor and Debbie Ajibola on the Max Breakfast Show. He had talked about the difference between Stand Up Comedians and Comedians on Social Media who he addressed as Social Media Comics.

Ushbebe at MaxFM with Debbie and Mark

There is a new territory now; the social media, Debbie started
“Basket mouth made an interesting comment concerning comedians on social media and stand up comedians, he feels like the comedians on social media are not exactly what you will say represent true talent, he says they are afraid to go on stand up” She continued and Ushbebe replied to that saying;


“Yeah, but it’s the truth because I’ve been at a show, Olamide’s to be precise in Atlanta and they had one of the social media comic doing stuff and it was’t working, immediately there’s difference when i went up stage because you have the mastery to manage the situation and try to build up. In your face with the camera is different in your face to the eyeball.”

“So if I’m in your face and you are looking at me and you are not feeling my energy, it happens even to the musicians that was why Wizkid could afford to call people to come out.
Because in your face it’s like oh this is the responses, how do you manage to play it
The only way Wizkid could manage to play it was call the regular guys to come forward.”


Do you think this is a rare competition with the stand up comedians? Debbie asked further.

“That’s not a competition because it’s comic, it is like somebody doing a sitcom, like somebody acting a soap opera, somebody being funny in a natural drama space that doesn’t make the person a comedian.”



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“Being funny doesn’t make you a comedian” ~ @ushbebecomedian reveals the difference between stage comedian and social media comedian, earlier today on #MaxBreakfast with @debsextra and @markotabor

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