Adesua shares roadmap of her pregnancy before delivery

Written by on March 1, 2021

Nollywood actress and wife of singer, BankyW, shares photo slides as she gave insight into her pregnancy journey before she gave birth.

The actress who gave birth a month ago before coming online to reveal the delivery of her child recently shared exciting details of herself few days before welcoming her son, Zaiah in a hospital in the US.


Pic 1: worth the wait. Had to wear a maternity belt because pelvic, back and waist pain wanted to finish me. (2 weeks before)

Pic 2 : feeling myself after my hospital appointment but also exhausted?. (Quarter to drop)


Pic 3 : 2 days before Zaiah came. A day before my water broke. (7 months into my natural hair journey….Again)

Pic 4 : Papa staring at Zaiah in amazement. A few minutes after he was born. I was EXHAUSTED. 


Pic 5 : Looking at our boy?

Pic 6 : How it’s going???


Ps. Being pregnant during a pandemic was HARD but we bless God. Shout out to all the mummies that are doing it/did it.❤

~ Mama Z


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