Socialite, Pretty Mike reacts to how Neo surprised Vee’s on her birthday

Written by on August 23, 2021

Socialite, Pretty Mike recently shared his view about how a lot of girls reacted on social media to the lavish birthday surprise that reality TV show star, Neo did for his lover, Vee. The nightlife entrepreneur revealed that most people easily get carried away by the public display rather than the intent behind the affectionate act. He further revealed that the couple had invested so much into their relationship before it got to that point something that most ladies that come online to admire the couple are not ready to do with their partners.

He wrote:

“I saw the Neo/Vee birthday surprise ,gain traction with a lot of girls asking God about the timeframe their prayers would be met… simply put as “God when?”.
It was quite hilarious I must admit but as someone highly susceptible to introspection, I was struck with how much the average Nigerian woman is more particular about the public display than the intent behind the affectionate act.
I wonder… Does it mean that, if it’s not made public then the love isn’t good enough?
Ladies always screaming “God when?” “God am I your stepdaughter?” “God am I adopted?” and every other colloquialism known to the streets of IG/Twitter but yet spend very little time on building themselves on how to receive what they prayed for. (Guys aren’t exempted).
It’s not by typing “God when” on every heart melting post that hits the internet, it’s by being intentional about what you want and following it through.
Steve and Sandra Thompson are worthy instances in this case and should be emulated.
They knew what they wanted, they saw their answered prayers in each other, gave the naysayers/rumor mongers the middle finger and pursued what was right for them not the public or the world but solely for themselves.
Now that is what I call being intentional.
At the risk of sounding like a motivational speaker, I beseech to ask yourself what you truly really want ?
Do you want the actual gift box with all of its content or just the shiny wrapping paper and trimmings the public admires? ? #HusbandMaterial#LagosZaddy”



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