Angel reveals why she called it quits with Cross (video)

Written by on June 14, 2022



Cross claimed Angel does blow his mind, and sees no reason they can align again with each other, while Angel insisted that Cross never reciprocated the energy, so she’s no longer interested in the friendship.


According to Cross, Angel walked out on him when he was trying to communicate something to her, and that got him annoyed because no one has ever walked out on him like that.

Angel explained that Cross never reciprocated all the energy and good vibes she gave to him, adding that Cross never wanted the friendship to be public, as against her wish to see him publicly posting and acknowledging her.


And according to Cross, he just wanted the friendship in a way where people will know they’re together, but won’t have anything to say about them, considering the toxicity of the internet users.

Now, while trying to know when and last time the lovebirds spoke, to ascertain what’s currently going on between them, Ebuka asked Cross the last conversation they had together.


Ebuka asked, “She said the last time you guys spoke, the CrossGel conversation was what happened. Was that was the last time you spoke”?

Cross answered, “No, that was not the last time”.


Ebuka comes again, “The last time you talked was at the show”? Cross said, Yes, I was trying to talk to her about it, she was now fuming”.

Ebuka asked further, “That was when you also said I’m not yours. You also stopped talking”? Cross replied, “Yes, that was the last time, because at the end of the day, I was trying to communicate something to her, but she was not really like having it. And she was now insulting me on top of it, again.


“So, when I was like you know what, I think at this stage now, our relationship that I’m still to have with you or anything, it doesn’t make sense anymore continuing, because you don’t respect me anymore”.

Angel interrupted, You never said that, I said that, so don’t flip it”. Cross continued, “And she walked out on me. And I don’t like it when someone walks out on me”. Ebuka asked, “Inside a show like this”? Cross said, “Yeah, that I was trying to talk to her, and she walked out on me, and when she did that, I was very sad, because I never walked out on her.


“So, after that, I literally went to my table, and that was it. That’s the end of our friendship, and I had a good concert and from there, I went home”.

Ebuka asked, “And you haven’t spoken since then. So, where’s your head at now, with her”? Cross replied, “Like I said, she’s literally blowing my mind off, so, I feel like she doesn’t want anything to do with me again. So, it’s okay. You stay in your own, I will stay on my own, cool, like, you do you, and I do me”.


Coming to Angel, Ebuka asked, “Angel where is your head at”? Angel responded, “Not interested, he did not reciprocate that energy. From wanting to hide the fact that we were friends, to ignoring my post”, Ebuka interrupted, “You’re literally done with everything”? And Angel replied, “Literally done”

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