BBNaija’s Tacha slams Monalisa Stephen for saying BBN made her

Written by on August 22, 2023

BBNaija’s Tacha slams Monalisa Stephen for saying BBN made her

BBNaija’s Tacha slams Monalisa Stephen

Tacha Akide, a former contestant on Big Brother Naija’s ‘Pepper Dem’ edition, has strongly criticized body advocate Monalisa Stephen for asserting that the show was responsible for Tacha’s fame.

During an interview with Pulse Nigeria, Monalisa pointed out Tacha’s apparent shift towards arrogance and ingratitude towards the show that propelled her into the spotlight.


Monalisa reminded Tacha that if it weren’t for the reality show, she might not have gained the recognition she enjoys today, and she might have continued posting twerking videos online. Monalisa emphasized that it’s perfectly reasonable for Tacha to consistently acknowledge the pivotal role that BBN played in shaping her success.

“Tacha is a very confident woman, she knows what she is doing.


Something made you. Without BBN, she would still be there twerking her ass for some change. They made her, so it’s okay for you to respect that.

BBN made Tacha”.


Tacha, known for her unfiltered responses to critics, used her Instagram platform to strongly criticize Monalisa.

She raised the question of how often she needs to convey her thanks to the organizers of the show for giving her the opportunity.


Tacha pondered whether she should clean their office desks and tables every day as a constant display of her gratitude.

In a critical tone, she mentioned that Monalisa would seemingly always lack understanding, while emphasizing the effort she has consistently invested to achieve her present accomplishments.


“How many times do I have to say HOW GRATEFUL I AM FOR THE PLATFORM!! Oh no, I’m supposed to resume at their office and clean desks and tables daily!! You’ll forever be dum*b!! I put in work”.

In a subsequent tweet, she alluded to her fellow housemate, Ella, emphasizing that her current accomplishments surpass what she has achieved, thereby reinforcing the idea that her identity is not solely defined by her participation in BBN.


Furthermore, she proceeded to engage in body shaming directed at Monalisa.

“If you run as much as you run your mouth, you would have been in better shape!! Why didn’t they make Ella?? If you don’t stfu”.


Ella begs fans for help

Last year, remember that Ella reached out to her social media followers, seeking financial assistance.

The reality TV personality shared on her official Instagram page that she intends to continue sharing her account information until she connects with the person who can offer her help.


BBNaija’s can’t pay me” Tacha Akide spills on rejecting Season 8 offer

Remember when Tacha Akide stirred up a bit of controversy by explaining her decision to turn down the opportunity to join the ongoing Season 8 All Stars show?

The reality star responded to a fellow co-reality star who expressed disappointment over her absence, asserting that the show’s organizers were unable to meet her financial requirements.


Media personality Toke Makinwa had asked fans of BBNaija to share their expectations for past housemates they’d like to see again, and Mike Edwards mentioned Tacha’s name.

Tacha, in response, clarified that she couldn’t participate in the show without proper compensation, as her value had increased.


She further elaborated on her stance during an interview with Cool FM, emphasizing that she couldn’t compromise her brand integrity by appearing on the show without proper remuneration.

Predictably, this viewpoint didn’t sit well with some, and criticism came her way, accusing her of pride and ingratitude for her attitude.


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