Monalisa Stephen fires back at Tacha for body shaming her

Written by on August 22, 2023

Monalisa Stephen fires back at Tacha for body shaming her

Monalisa Stephen fires back at Tacha

Monalisa Stephen, a passionate advocate for body positivity, has responded to criticisms from Big Brother Naija’s Tacha regarding her appearance.

It was reported that Tacha Akide had confronted Monalisa Stephen for stating that ‘BBN made Tacha’.


In an interview with Pulse Nigeria, Monalisa highlighted how Tacha, the reality star, has developed a sense of arrogance and ingratitude towards the show.

Monalisa reminded Tacha that her recognition and prominence largely stem from the reality show; otherwise, she might have remained relatively unknown, engaging in twerking on the internet. Monalisa also emphasized that it’s reasonable for Tacha to consistently acknowledge the role of BBN in shaping her identity.


Unfazed by critics, Tacha took to her Instagram page to rebuff Monalisa’s remarks.

She questioned the frequency with which she needs to express her appreciation to the show’s organizers for her success.


Tacha playfully speculated whether she should assume the role of a daily office cleaner just to underscore her gratitude.

While responding to Monalisa’s comments, she used derogatory language, implying that she would remain uninformed, and she underscored the hard work she has invested to reach her current status.


In another tweet, Tacha brought up her fellow housemate, Ella, who hasn’t achieved a comparable level of success, as evidence that BBN alone wasn’t the sole contributor to her achievements.

Regrettably, Tacha proceeded to engage in body shaming directed at Monalisa.


Monalisa Stephen replies Tacha

Responding to her Instagram story, Monalisa emphasized that Tacha’s identity would have been quite different without the reality show. She highlighted the distinction that she herself has carved out, a self-made accomplishment that Tacha can’t truly comprehend.

Monalisa subtly alluded to Tacha’s involvement in certain activities and thanked her acquaintances in Port Harcourt and Lagos for being supportive companions to the reality star.


“You get mind body shame me o. You that without BBN you are nothing. I am self-made!! But that’s something you can’t ever relate to all thanks to Port Harcourt n Lagos boys. Astalavi Give demmmm”.

Monalisa Stephen slams Tacha

BBNaija’s can’t pay me” Tacha Akide spills on rejecting Season 8 offer

Remember when Tacha Akide stirred up a bit of controversy by explaining why she turned down the opportunity to participate in the ongoing season 8 All Stars show?


The reality star found herself responding to a fellow co-reality star who expressed disappointment about her absence. Tacha’s explanation centered on the assertion that the show’s organizers were unable to meet her fee.

Media personality Toke Makinwa posed a question to BBNaija enthusiasts about which former housemates they were excited to see again. Mike Edwards chimed in with Tacha’s name.


In response, Tacha clarified that her decision was due to the organizers not being able to meet her fee, which had increased.

She also elaborated on this during an interview with Cool FM, emphasizing that she couldn’t participate in the show without receiving compensation from the organizers.


In her own words, she was unwilling to compromise her brand’s value just to provide entertainment for Nigerians.

However, this stance garnered criticism from some quarters, with accusations of pride and ingratitude directed towards her.


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