Chike’s ‘Egwu’ with Mohbad leads Nigeria’s top music chart.

Written by on January 24, 2024

Chike clinched his inaugural No. 1 spot on Nigeria’s premier music chart, solidifying his status as a renowned artist with his single with Mohbad.

His soulful R&B compositions, blending Igbo indigenous tunes with Afrobeats, resonated with millions of listeners.


Transitioning into a new milestone, Chike achieved his inaugural chart-topping single on TurnTable Top 100. This chart stands as Nigeria’s exclusive amalgamation, blending radio and TV airplay metrics with streaming data from Apple Music, Spotify, Audiomack, and Boomplay.

This significant accomplishment marks a turning point in Chike’s musical journey. Not only did he secure a top spot on a prominent chart, but he also demonstrated his widespread appeal across various platforms. The convergence of radio and TV airplay, alongside the digital streaming realm, underscores his resonance with diverse audiences.


Chike’s ascent to the top echelon of the TurnTable Top 100 signifies not just a personal achievement but also a testament to the growing influence of his music. It mirrors a shift in the industry landscape, where artists must navigate and excel in both traditional and digital spheres to make a lasting impact.


Chike’s ‘Egwu’ with Mohbad leads Nigeria’s top music chart.

This breakthrough places Chike in a distinguished league, showcasing his ability to captivate audiences across conventional and modern channels alike. The recognition on TurnTable Top 100 positions him as an artist whose work resonates not only with listeners tuning in via traditional media but also with the digital-savvy generation engaging with streaming platforms.


Chike achieved this feat with his hit single ‘Egwu,’ featuring the late Street pop sensation Mohbad. Released in December 2023, the single gained commercial acclaim, notably on social media, where it amassed over 400,000 uses on TikTok.

One month ago, the song amassed 5.9 million streams on Spotify, marking a significant achievement for Chike.

Chike’s highest-ranking entry on TurnTable Top 100 is the song, surpassing even the ‘Running’ remix with Simi, which previously secured a spot in the top 5. Similarly, for Mohbad, this becomes his second NO. 1 entry, with the first being ‘Ask About Me,’ which held the chart’s pinnacle for a week.


After Mohbad’s passing in September 2023, his music experienced a substantial commercial resurgence. Tracks from both his EPs, ‘Light’ and ‘Blessed,’ soared on various streaming platforms.

This collaborative success with Chike further propelled Mohbad’s posthumous commercial acclaim, solidifying his status as a hitmaker even beyond his time.


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