Israel DMW makes undying vow to Davido

Written by on August 29, 2023

 Isreal DMW makes undying vow to Davido

Israel DMW makes undying vow to Davido

Israel DMW, the dedicated logistics manager for the acclaimed superstar musician, Davido, has made an unwavering commitment that will stand the test of time.

Taking to his Instagram page, the artist who graces the stage at the O2 arena pledged an unbreakable bond, vowing to be inseparable from his boss.


To demonstrate the depth of his loyalty to Davido, he articulated that his path is entwined with Davido’s, destined to share both life and its end.

In addition, he conveyed his heartfelt appreciation to Davido, even though he refrained from detailing the specific actions the singer had taken on his behalf.


“We leave together. We die together. Thanks sir. Fucking shit”.

My Lord and saviour – Israel DMW hails Davido


A few days ago, Isreal DMW expressed his deep affection for Davido in an extraordinary manner through his statement.

Isreal, who has consistently demonstrated his dedication and allegiance to Davido on numerous occasions, once again emphasized his affection by proclaiming Davido as his ultimate guiding figure.


This is not the initial instance where Israel DMW has conveyed such a strong and assertive sentiment.

Isreal DMW promises to die with Davido

Isreal DMW expresses gratitude to Davido over what he did for him

In the past year, as he expressed his heartfelt thanks to his boss for the valuable support in obtaining his UK visa, he made a lighthearted promise to select the same boss again in his future life.


Isreal DMW used his Instagram story to share how Davido played a significant part in facilitating his acquisition of a two-year UK visa.

Expressing deep gratitude for this kind action, Isreal DMW confidently affirmed that he would willingly opt to continue serving the artist in his next lifetime.


“I just got another 2 yrs UK Visa into my life. Thanks my Oga. If I come another life again, it is you I will serve. E remains America ooh. Uruese Kakabo”.


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