Iyabo Ojo comments on Lizzy Anjorin’s husband’s land grabbing saga

Written by on February 12, 2024

Iyabo Ojo, known for her outspoken nature on social media, continued this trend with a recent Instagram post. The Yoruba/Nollywood actress shared a post from her colleague Faith Ojo, alleging that the news about Lizzy Anjorin’s husband, Alhaji Lateef Lawal, involved in land grabbing in Lagos was true. Faith Ojo claimed she had firsthand knowledge of the situation as Lizzy Anjorin’s husband had allegedly taken the land from her, which she had acquired four years prior.

Previously reported by news outlets, Faith Ojo had accused Lizzy Anjorin’s husband of seizing her land, sparking widespread discussion online. Although Iyabo Ojo might not have been aware of the details, she promptly shared Faith Ojo’s post, spreading the news further.

Iyabo Ojo’s post containing Faith Ojo’s allegations that Lizzy Anjorin’s husband stole her land.
The second slide from Faith Ojo's post, reposted by Iyabo Ojo, accusing Lizzy Anjorin's husband of snatching her land in Lagos.

Beneath Faith Ojo’s post screenshot, Iyabo Ojo penned a caption, directly addressing Lizzy Anjorin’s supporters who previously accused her of framing Anjorin.

She stated, “Where are all those useless godmothers, gullible fights, fake activists, and bloggers who claimed I set her up? I hope you won’t accuse me of this too… anuofias awon ala centric, isiku yii oni jereee.”

Iyabo Ojo’s response stemmed from rumors suggesting her involvement in the fake ninety-thousand-naira alert incident that implicated Lizzy Anjorin. Similar to past accusations, Ojo vehemently denied any association with Anjorin’s counterfeit alert scandal. However, one allegation remains irrefutable: her previous mockery of Anjorin during a similar incident.


This recent social media post by Iyabo Ojo serves as a clear attempt to refute any claims of her involvement in framing Lizzy Anjorin. She seeks to convey to the public her innocence and disassociation from her colleague’s predicament. In her caption, she explicitly expresses her hope that people will not accuse her of orchestrating Anjorin’s current land grabbing controversy.

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