Written by on February 21, 2022

For someone who is in the limelight, Nollywood actor Jim Iyke sure knows how to keep his private life private.



The movie star revealed a whole lot during his interview with Chude Jideonwo on his show #WithChude stating that there are so many things about his life that he has kept away from the prying eyes of the public.


He also spoke on how people that live in his space don’t know anything, he said, “Even my sisters call to hear from me, even my PAs don’t know stuff. I keep everyone on their toes with my level of unpredictability.”

Speaking on how his marriages collapsed, Jim Iyke said, “I suffered a loss. My mum died. She was my best friend and business strategist. I lost all that when she died, there was spirituality and connection that I lost after she died. I am a product of love, my parents were so in love with each other so her death shattered my dad too, their kind of relationship opened my eyes to the kind of marriage I wanted too.”


He continued, “I didn’t grieve all through the process of her death and burial but by the time I started to grieve, my wife became pregnant with my first son and I wasn’t as loving as I should be. I lost my sense of humour and the lion in me, so she suffered for that. I became an obsessive dad after my son arrived. I took all my love and care on our son and abandoned her instead. I was an excellent dad but horrible husband so after a while she left, she said she couldn’t find the man she married anymore and we quit, but still friends.”


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