Kel-P Drops Infectious New Single ‘What Have You Done?’

Written by on May 26, 2023

Grammy-winning Producer & Singer Kel-P Presents Mesmerizing New Single ‘What Have You Done?’

Kel-P Drops Infectious New Single 'What Have You Done?'


Singer Kel-P, the celebrated Nigerian producer and vocalist, unveils his captivating track ‘What Have You Done?’ Prepare to be entranced by his extraordinary talent.

Kel-P, also known as Kel P Vibes, has already made a name for himself in the Afrobeat music scene, earning prestigious accolades like a Grammy win and multiple nominations. Now, he’s ready to mesmerize us as a singer.


With his debut EP ‘Bully Season Vol.1’ and the hit single ‘One More Night,’ Kel-P has proven his popularity and amassed millions of streams. ‘What Have You Done?’ cements his position as the Afrobeat revelation of 2023.

In collaboration with the talented Leandro “DRO” Hidalgo and co-produced by The Elements, ‘What Have You Done?’ is a vibrant Afro-club anthem that will set your body in motion. Get ready to groove!


Transporting us to an underground party in Lisbon, the accompanying music video, brought to you by Jones Worldwide and Virgin Music France/Universal Music France, perfectly complements the song’s infectious energy.

Kel-P’s dedication to creating music that uplifts and unites shines through. Having achieved tremendous success as a platinum-selling producer, he surprises us with his remarkable vocal abilities.


‘What Have You Done?’ showcases Kel-P’s versatility and artistry, leaving listeners awestruck. The irresistible rhythm, lively tempo, and soulful vocals make it an absolute party anthem that will keep you dancing.

So, let go of inhibitions and surrender to the irresistible vibes of Kel-P’s ‘What Have You Done?’ This track is an invitation to experience pure euphoria and musical brilliance.

Allow Kel-P to be your guide on this incredible journey as he continues to redefine Afrobeat music. Don’t miss out on the magic—stream ‘What Have You Done?’ now and let the music move you.

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