Laura Ikeji throws shade as she speaks on loyalty

Written by on October 30, 2023

Laura Ikeji throws shade as she speaks on loyalty

Laura Ikeji throws shade 

Laura Ikeji Kanu, a brand influencer and businesswoman, recently delivered a subtle dig at an unidentified individual while discussing the concept of loyalty.
In a series of photos featuring herself and her footballer husband, Ogbonna Kanu, she explicitly declared her unwavering loyalty to her husband, her siblings, her children, and her friends.
In her perspective, she stands firmly by the side of her inner circle regardless of the circumstances, continuing her support until they themselves request otherwise.
Furthermore, she emphasized the importance of refraining from speaking negatively about someone to those who harbor ill feelings towards them.

“Loyal to my husband, loyal to my siblings, loyal to my kids.
And loyal to anybody I call my friend.
No matter what! I’m standing with u till u tell me to leave.


Nothing worse than talking shit about ur friends to the people that don’t like them”.

Laura Ikeji speaks on loyalty

Taking to her comment section, many concurred with her as they decided that the reality star was subtly shading one of her co-stars, Dr Rommel.


One Spicy Hairs wrote, “Dr Rommel catch your sub!

One Shenty Hairs wrote, “Yess, Dr. Rommel is really giving Evil


One Spiritual Consultant wrote, “That Loyalty is why you’ll forever have a space in my heart. I so much ride for loyalty and you exuded loyalty to your family last season and I appreciate that. Keep being your smiling giggling but no-nonsense self Laura.

One Sassy Interiors Household wrote, “Nothing worse as talking shit about your friends to people that don’t like them word


One Pweety of Owowe wrote, “I mean!! Dr R fall my hand meh. All of a sudden changing mouth like wetin I no know

One Official Jbaby wrote, “I don’t even know how you people keep friends. Believe me, I am afraid. I have been a one-woman squad for a long time and it’s working for me. Friends do the unimaginable and it’s usually very painful. So I stay far. I no get strength.


One Formarodi wrote, “You are the only one that makes sense in that whole RHOL cast”.

Recall that weeks back, Laura Ikeji had thrown shade at an unidentified person, whom many believed was Iyabo Ojo over her fight for justice for Mohbad, calling her a bully.


She raised an intriguing point about the irony of bullies fighting for the bullied.

“I have never bleached my skin in my life” – Laura Ikeji reveals

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