Mimi Orjiekwe embarrassed as daughter exposes her fake lifestyle

Written by on March 18, 2024

Nollywood actress Mimi Orjiekwe faced embarrassment when her daughter Jasmine revealed her mother’s fake lifestyle.

In a charming video shared on her Instagram page, the duo stepped out stylishly for an outing.


As Mimi recorded a video for her vast followers, Jasmine candidly pointed out her mother’s use of filters for her skin, exposing her facade. Jasmine urged viewers not to heed her mother’s actions, emphasizing her double standard.

“She is using a filter, she is seriously using a filter. Guys don’t trust her. Don’t trust her, she is using a filter”, Jasmine repeatedly said in the video.


Replying, Mimi questioned why her daughter was trying to spoil her career. She said, “What is going on here? My own child is trying to mess up my career”.

In her caption, Mimi revealed that she was embarrassed as she noted how her daughter was trying to spoil her influencing deal.


“Embarrassed. This daughter of mine wants to spoil my influencer hustle. I thought we are besties”.

Mimi Orjiekwe daughter exposes her fake lifestyle

See some comments on her post below,


One Eve Soal wrote, “It be your own kid sometimes

One Pharmchi wrote, “Jazz for president


One Merry Cakes and Events wrote, “She is seriously using filters got me

One Funky wrote, “She has told us


One Mirabel Benard wrote, “Anything wey Jazzy talk nah em I dey follow”.

Last year, Mimi Orjiekwe gained attention amid reports of her alleged sugar daddy, Michael Diongoli, being arrested for purportedly defrauding a retired Army colonel and others of billions.

Upon his arrest, authorities seized many of Diongoli’s assets, including those he purportedly gifted to his numerous companions, among whom were reportedly BBNaija Nengi, Mimi Orjiekwe, Nuella Njubigbo, and Onyi Alex. Speculation arose that Nengi’s Range Rover had been taken by the Economic Financial Crime Commission (EFCC).


Michael Diongoli implicated Mimi Orjiekwe and leveled accusations against her following a furniture purchase from her interior decoration business. The actress subsequently visited Okoye police station Special Fraud Unit after her lawyer revealed Diongoli’s alleged refusal to settle a significant outstanding sum for storage and clearance charges.

In response, Mimi addressed the situation, expressing how someone, unnamed but implied to be Diongoli, had falsely accused her with the intention of undermining her reputation. She, a mother of one, pledged to share her side of the story eventually but opted to remain silent for the time being due to the ongoing legal proceedings.


Despite the adversity and accusations, Mimi experienced an influx of opportunities and blessings afterward, which left her feeling overwhelmed.

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