Nancy Umeh dishes out advice to Nigerian women looking for Godly men

Written by on February 16, 2024

Influencer Nancy Umeh, the sister of Korra Obidi, recently took to her Instagram story platform to impart some valuable advice directed at Nigerian women. She urged them to prioritize security when considering marriage partners, emphasizing the significance of choosing men who not only bring financial stability but also prioritize emotional and physical safety.

Expanding on her counsel, Umeh stressed the importance of selecting partners who align with godly values, highlighting the crucial aspect of fidelity and commitment in relationships. She emphasized the need for women to seek out men who are dedicated to remaining faithful and devoted to one woman for a lifetime, emphasizing the importance of mutual respect and trust in building lasting partnerships.

Furthermore, Umeh shared insights gleaned from her interactions with women who reached out to her via direct messages (DMs), revealing the heart-wrenching stories they shared about their own experiences.

These tales served as poignant reminders of the challenges and hardships many women face in their relationships, underscoring the significance of making informed and empowered choices when it comes to matters of the heart.

In her message, Umeh expressed her deep concern over the prevalent trend of young women settling for partners who fail to treat them with the dignity and respect they deserve. Despite enduring mistreatment, these women often rationalize their decisions by prioritizing financial stability over emotional well-being, a compromise that Umeh finds troubling and disheartening.


Please listen to me.

You are not a tool or a piece of material bought to service anyone.

You deserve to marry your own husband, You deserve security in your home.

GODLY MEN CAN BE WITH ONE WOMAN FOR A LIFETIME. Anyone who doesn’t believe that has no business in your life.”

In May 2022, Nancy Umey publicly called out Korra Obidi’s husband, Justin Dean, amidst their highly publicized online dispute. Nancy Umey disclosed that Justin Dean had repeatedly abused and destroyed Korra Obidi’s phone to hinder her online income.

Additionally, she disclosed that Korra had endured multiple instances of abuse from Justin, which she had attempted to keep private.

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