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Solomon Buchi, a relationship coach, offered pointed criticism to Justin Dean, an American chiropractor, regarding his concerns over his 4-year-old daughter’s emulation of suggestive dance moves similar to those of her mother, Korra Obidi. Dean expressed his discomfort after witnessing his daughter’s behavior, reminiscent of his ex-wife. Buchi, adding depth to the discussion, humorously questions […]

Justin Dean, the former spouse of a Korra Obidi, voices his distress as he observes his young daughter imitating her mother’s dance routines, particularly twerking, which he deems unsuitable for her age. Expressing both surprise and concern, Dean questions the appropriateness of exposing children to dance styles with sexual connotations, such as twerking, and challenges […]

Justin Dean, the husband of popular Nigerian dancer, Korra Obidi, released another video to talk about Korra. In the latest video he posted, which lasted for about an hour, Justin Dean revealed he’s suing Korra and her friends for defamation. He said that the video where he was seen calling Korra a “wh*re” and “sl*t” […]

Husband of dancer Korra Obidi has revealed via his Instagram that some of the accusations he made about his wife are untrue.   The doctor has decided to clear the air about his marriage to Korra Obidi who shares two kids with him their paternity. He had said he was divorcing his wife because he […]

Justin Dean, Korra Obidi’s husband has taken to his Instagram to announce that he is divorcing the dancer just one week after they welcomed their child. He wrote: “Korra Obidi and I are getting a divorce. It’s over! I won’t be treated this way longer. I did my absolute best to make it work.”. He […]

Following the birth of the beautiful baby girl, the new mother and Abroad-based Nigerian dancer, Kora Obidi, can’t help but be excited about her new status as a mom. READ ALSO: Korra Obidi and her American husband, Justin Dean, welcomed their first child. The new mother took to social media to share adorable photos of […]

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