Peter Okoye blows hot, calls out Polaris and Access Bank

Written by on August 31, 2023

Peter Okoye blows hot, calls out Polaris and Access Bank

Peter Okoye blows hot, calls out Polaris and Access Bank

Nigerian musician, Peter Okoye, also known as Mr. P, has reportedly taken a public stance against certain Nigerian banks due to the increasing prevalence of fraudulent activities associated with his name.

Mr. P, renowned for operating a legitimate lottery program, has unfortunately found his reputation exploited by unscrupulous individuals operating online, deceiving unsuspecting individuals in the process.

Through his influential Instagram platform, the musician has voiced his growing frustration with the situation. He disclosed that scammers have ingeniously been opening bank accounts under his name to execute their fraudulent schemes.


This has naturally prompted Mr. P to question the practices of these banks. He has raised a valid concern about why these financial institutions are allowing individuals to open accounts in his name without imposing rigorous verification procedures or requesting the necessary documentation to confirm their identities.

Peter Okoye is reportedly not taking these allegations lightly. He holds a strong suspicion that this situation could be an inside job within these banks, constituting a severe breach of trust that deeply concerns him.


“Enough is enough!!
It’s either it’s an inside job or otherwise! I have a name to protect here and save some of these innocent victims! So get ready for me and my legal team!
How can @polarisbankltd allow someone to open an account in the name of “PETER OKOYE PSQUARE” and @myaccessbank you also allow someone open an account name “PETER OKOYE PSQUARE” without valid means of identification, no biometrics, no BVN, no verified address or even utility bill to correspond with the address of the account owner. Now they are using my name to scam innocent people. I am suing this bank for damages and calling them out! One after the other. @officialefcc take not! Enough is enough.

Calling out more banks”.

Peter Okoye calls out Polaris and Access Bank

As a devoted father of two, Mr. P apparently feels a responsibility not only to safeguard his reputation but also to protect the well-being of those who have become victims of these scams.

In addressing this pressing issue, Peter Okoye, also known as Mr. P, has reportedly firmly declared his intent to initiate legal proceedings against the banks implicated in these fraudulent activities. However, his stated objective extends beyond mere legal action; it encompasses a broader mission aimed at seeking justice and reparations for the damages endured by those ensnared in these fraudulent schemes.

Demonstrating a strong sense of responsibility and empathy towards the scam victims, Mr. P’s reported determination is to offer them a means of recourse. This includes not only compensating them for their losses but also acting as a catalyst for ensuring accountability.


Reportedly, his actions aim to send a clear message that such fraudulent practices will find no tolerance, neither from him nor from the wider community. Through these legal proceedings, it is reported that Mr. P aspires to shed light on the practices within these banks and hold those involved in the scams accountable for their actions, thereby ensuring the triumph of justice and safeguarding others from similar fraudulent activities in the future.

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