Ruger thanks Tunde Ednut for discovering his talent before his record label

Written by on February 8, 2024

Popular Nigerian singer and industry heartthrob Ruger recently shared a post on his Instagram page. He expressed gratitude to popular blogger Tunde Ednut for being the first person to discover him before his record label.

In the post, Ruger acknowledged Tunde Ednut’s role in his journey to stardom. He credited the blogger for recognizing his talent before he signed with his record label.


In his post, he wrote, “Just because I’m free to talk now, I want to specially thank @mazitundeednut for being the initial person that discovered me before handing me over to prince. God bless you king maker”

Ruger’s post thanking Tunde Ednut for discovering him.

Ruger’s recent revelation marks the first time he has publicly acknowledged Tunde Ednut’s role in discovering him and facilitating his introduction to D’Prince, who ultimately signed him to Jonzing World Record in 2021.

In his post, Ruger hinted at a previous constraint that prevented him from openly discussing this aspect of his journey. However, now that he has parted ways with Jonzing World, he feels liberated to share this information.


This revelation raises intriguing questions regarding whether Ruger faced restrictions regarding crediting Tunde Ednut while he was under the Jonzing World label.

The announcement of Ruger’s departure from Jonzing World Record came as a surprise to many of his fans. Considering he had only been signed to the label roughly three years prior, the news of his exit seemed rather abrupt.


In his statement, Ruger mentioned his intention to establish his own personal record label following his departure from Jonzing World. This unexpected move left many wondering about the circumstances surrounding Ruger’s decision to leave his former record label and embark on this new chapter in his career.

Despite the curiosity surrounding Ruger’s departure, neither he nor D’Prince offered any insight into the specific reasons behind the decision. Instead, shortly after Ruger’s exit, Jonzing World announced the signing of a new artist, further fueling speculation about potential conflicts or issues between Ruger and his former record label.


This lack of clarity surrounding the situation left fans and industry observers alike pondering the nature of Ruger’s departure and its implications for his future endeavors in the music industry.

Tunde Ednut sends message to D’Prince as Ruger departs his label


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