Seyi Law denies claims saying he regrets supporting Tinubu

Written by on February 20, 2024

Nigerian comedian Seyi Law has refuted singer Eedris Abdulkareem’s claim that he said backing President Tinubu was a significant error. Abdulkareem had featured on The Honest Bunch Podcast, alleging that Seyi Law privately confessed to regretting his support for the president.

He said: “I was at an event yesterday and Seyi Law came up and said, ‘Abeg, make una no vex o! Everybody don curse me taya because I stand for Tinubu. I no dey on him mandate again o!’ and I asked him, ‘Seyi, how do you cope now?’ He said, ‘My brother, I messed up.’ He said no be say he collect anything. He said he made the biggest mistake.”

Following this, Seyi Law took to his X account in the late hours of February 19, 2024, to respond to Abdulkareem’s viral clip. In his tweet, he vehemently stated that the singer’s words were untrue.

“Eedris na person wey I love, but this is not true abeg. @iamshortfamily, when I talk this one for your show?” he said in his tweet.

Seyi Law also responded to a tweet containing a clip from his previous show, the same show Abdulkareem made mention of.

He said: “Thanks for posting this first. I have been looking for someone who recorded my performance. So where did I tell Eedris I made the biggest mistake? Is it that he thinks a joke is a reality?”

Seyi Law, a staunch supporter of the current president Tinubu and the All Progressive Party, faced criticism from Nigerians due to his public support. Despite the backlash, he remained steadfast in his support for the administration. On February 19, 2024, he wrote an open letter to the president on his X account, urging him to improve the nation for all citizens.

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