Nigerian lawyer slams Seyi Law over his support for President Tinubu

Written by on February 20, 2024

A Nigerian lawyer, identified as Malcolm Omirhobo, criticized comedian Seyi Law for his staunch backing of President Tinubu. On the micro-blogging platform, X, he voiced sorrow for Seyi Law and future generations, branding him an “emergency comedian” and suggesting that the country’s hardships have clouded his judgment.

He questioned why Seyi Law would choose to spend 40 years with “Moses” (Tinubu) in the wilderness on foot when he could make the journey by air in just two hours.

“Emergency comedian, Seyi Law or what do you call yourself? I am sure that the hunger and hardship in Nigeria have shut down your brain. If not why do you want to spend 40 years with Moses in the wilderness on foot when you can make the journey by air in 1 hour, 45mins from Egypt to Israel? I pity you and the future of your children .@SeyilawComedy”.

Malcolm Omirhobo slams Seyi Law

Hours later, Seyi Law passionately rallied support for Tinubu, unequivocally affirming his steadfast voting preference. He eloquently drew parallels, likening Tinubu’s leadership to Moses guiding through the wilderness, while contrasting it with the enslaved Egypt symbolized by Peter Obi.

In a powerful metaphor, he emphasized his unwavering allegiance, declaring his willingness to endure hardship alongside Tinubu rather than succumb to the allure of fleeting pleasures in Egypt.

Expressing disdain for pessimism, Seyi Law eloquently elaborated on his privileged perspective, highlighting his deeper understanding of the intricate nuances of governance.

Similarly, footballer Jude Ighalo’s ex-wife, Sonia, emerged as a vocal defender of Tinubu, vigorously advocating for the regulation of social media.

She critiqued those undermining the president’s efforts and urged for the cultivation of respect and civility in public discourse, particularly towards Tinubu.

Sonia’s passionate defense of Tinubu extended further as she employed vivid imagery, likening his demeanor to a tiger’s gentle yet formidable nature.

Drawing on this analogy, she urged Nigerians to recognize and honor Tinubu’s leadership qualities. Echoing this sentiment, actor Yul Edochie emphatically endorsed Tinubu, lauding his wisdom and foresight.

Yul Edochie underscored the unique access to information enjoyed by leaders like Tinubu, acknowledging that some decisions may not be readily understood by the populace but are rooted in strategic insights and considerations.

Yul Edochie’s consistent and unwavering support for Tinubu has sparked robust debate and engendered diverse reactions across Nigeria and various social media platforms.

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