Kunle Remi expresses gratitude to President Tinubu and FGN

Written by on February 19, 2024

Nollywood actor, Kunle Remi has expressed gratitude to the President of the country, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, and the Federal Government for gifting him N90k for Youth Empowerment.

Taking to his Instagram page, he shared a screenshot of a message he received from one Mr. Victor, who informed him that he had been gifted N90k by the government but would need to call him to get his alert.

Sarcastically, Kunle appreciated the president and his government for the gift as he noted how everything in the country was shaking.

“As everything is shaking in this nation called Nigeria, I am grateful to Ahmed Tinubu and ‘FGN’ for this youth Empowerment.
Let me go and call Mr victor”.

Kunle Remi receives N90k fro Tinubu for Youth Empowerment

See some comments on his post below,

Akah Nnani wrote, “I am screaming

Victor Okpalan wrote, “Call me ASAP

One Mr Uzz wrote, “I see what you did there. Oya followers call Me Ahmed and tell him things

One Linda Igwe wrote, “I think everybody should call Victor and thank him in advance”.

Seyi Tinubu, the son of President Tinubu, recently urged Nigerians to endure the prevailing economic challenges in the country.

He emphasized that enduring these hardships was essential for Nigeria’s future, highlighting that his father’s recent tough decisions should have been taken years ago. Despite ongoing challenges, Seyi Tinubu expressed optimism for the nation’s future.

In spite of the country’s hardships, some public figures continued to support the President. Comedian Seyi Law rallied behind him, affirming his unwavering support.

He likened the situation to staying with Moses through the wilderness rather than enduring slavery in Egypt, symbolizing Tinubu’s leadership against Peter Obi’s alternative.

Seyi Law further emphasized that despite widespread negativity and skepticism, he remained optimistic due to his better-informed perspective.

Similarly, footballer Jude Ighalo’s ex-wife, Sonia, criticized those insulting and criticizing the President. She questioned their audacity to disrespect Tinubu and called for social media regulation to prevent further undermining of the President’s efforts.

Sonia highlighted the need for Nigerians to show respect for Tinubu, asserting that his calm demeanor shouldn’t be mistaken for weakness. She emphasized the importance of acknowledging his leadership and contributions to the country.

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