Simi tackles female pastor who advices girls to ditch their natural hair for wigs

Written by on November 1, 2023

Simi tackles female pastor who advices girls to ditch their natural hair for wigs

Simi tackles female pastor

In a recent and contentious development, singer Simi has taken a bold stance against the advice of a female pastor regarding natural hair for women.
During a sermon, the female pastor urged women to abandon their natural locks in favor of wigs and weaves, arguing that maintaining a polished appearance is paramount. She suggested that, after marriage, some women tend to neglect personal grooming, opting for the convenience of their natural hair instead.

Standing at the pulpit and showcasing her own long, luxurious wig, the pastor emphasized the importance of investing in wigs, asserting that natural hair offers no advantage. While her intention may have been to boost women’s confidence and appearance, her message appeared critical of those embracing their natural hair.


Singer Simi, known for her vocal opinions and active presence on social media, couldn’t stay silent in the face of this message. She spoke out against societal self-doubt, highlighting the prevalence of whitening creams in regions with beautiful dark-skinned women, reflecting a pervasive narrative that encourages dissatisfaction with one’s natural skin tone. Moreover, there are individuals now advocating against embracing natural hair.

Simi argued that it’s not about people not measuring up; rather, it’s the external pressures and societal standards that convey inadequacy. She emphasized that, as a figure at the pulpit, the female pastor should serve as a role model for many. However, the message she conveyed seemed to endorse practices that undermine self-love and self-acceptance.

Back in August, Simi unveiled a significant facet of her personal philosophy. She not only shared her outlook on life but also emphasized her commitment to embracing each day as it comes. The singer mentioned that she consciously refrains from fixating on matters beyond her control and abstains from pursuing what isn’t inherently destined for her. She genuinely expressed gratitude for her blessings and her unwavering pursuit of her dreams.


Moving to April, Simi joyously marked her 35th birthday, and her husband, Adekunle, conveyed his heartfelt sentiments in a poignant message. He underscored the profound sense of fortune that came with being married to someone who comprehends his career and work ethic. Simi’s birthday became a profound moment of gratitude as she cherished the presence of the cherished loved ones surrounding her.

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