Skales describes his ‘ideal woman’ in an interview

Written by on October 25, 2023

Skales was asked about his ideal woman, here's what he had to say


Skales, when asked about his ideal woman, shared his unique perspective. He doesn’t conform to the stereotypical expectations associated with the ‘Shake Body’ dancer persona.
Skales envisions a woman who will evolve alongside him.

Nigerian singer Raoul John Njeng-Njeng, also known as Skales, recently discussed his ideal partner on the Terms and Conditions podcast by Pulse Network. He emphasized his desire for a woman with a strong work ethic, much like his own, and one who won’t hinder his ambitions.

He emphasized that he doesn’t discriminate based on celebrity status; what truly matters is their shared commitment to growth, rather than perpetual relaxation. In his own words, “I don’t discriminate. If you’re good for me, you’re good for me. For me, it’s not about asking for money.

As a man, I should be able to provide for my partner. What I’m saying is, I need a woman who won’t hold me back but will grow alongside me, not one who merely seeks comfort.

The kind of woman I desire is the type who, if I give her one million, she would astound me by doubling it. However, in today’s era, such women are hard to come by.”

Skales stressed that this preference doesn’t rule out enjoying some of life’s luxuries, but their primary focus will always be on personal and mutual growth. To him, a major attraction is a woman who shares his business-oriented mindset.

“My preference is that if a woman is coming into my life, she is impacting me because I know that I will be impacting her. We should be able to grow together, It’s not always about ‘We are going to travel to Santorini,’ we would definitely do those things. But what would make me so happy and really turn me on is if I see my woman is business-minded like me and I know that my life is safe with you,” the singer added.

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