Spyro Clarifies His Longevity in the Music Industry

Written by on June 9, 2023

Spyro Clarifies His Longevity in the Music Industry


Singer Oludipe Oluwasanmi David, popularly known as Spyro, recently took to his Instagram page to address misconceptions surrounding his status in the music industry. Contrary to popular belief, Spyro emphasized that he is not a newbie but rather a seasoned artist who has been active in the industry for quite some time, even longer than many Nigerian artistes.

In a post shared on Tuesday, Spyro humorously acknowledged the misconception, stating, “It is funny how a lot of people think I’m a new cat *lol. I have been here way before most of your faves.” To support his claim, he attached a clip and art cover of his throwback songs, shedding light on his journey as an artist.

Interestingly, Spyro revealed his initial aspiration to follow in the footsteps of the late Dagrin before transitioning from rapping to singing. He explained that he had already made significant strides in his career before many of today’s popular artists entered the scene. As early as 2010, when he was still known as “Freeze” and pursuing a career in rap, Spyro collaborated with the talented Tiwa Savage.

Furthermore, in 2014, Spyro had the privilege of collaborating with the late Sound Sultan, solidifying his dedication and commitment to his craft. Reflecting on his journey, he mentioned recording his first collaboration with Sound Sultan in 2014 and expressed his unwavering determination to succeed in the industry. He continued to persevere until finally, this year, his hard work paid off when he received a breakthrough in his career.

Spyro, through his collaborations and unwavering dedication, he has left a lasting mark in the hearts of music enthusiasts. As he continues to forge his path, fans eagerly await the release of his future projects, anticipating the musical brilliance that Spyro has consistently delivered over the years.

Spyro’s recent statement on social media has shed some light on his extensive tenure in the music industry. He refutes the notion that he is a newcomer, highlighting his collaborations with prominent artists such as Tiwa Savage and the late Sound Sultan.

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