Rapper Rikhado Muziwendlovu Makhado, better known as Riky Rick, is reported to have sadly taken his own life, only that he sent several signals and indicators foretelling his death. The rapper raised self-harm concerns around 3am when he shared a cryptic message on social media. It was confirmed later in the morning that the musician […]

Riky ‘Rick’ Makhado aged 34 has passed away in the early hours of this morning Wednesday 23rd of February in Johannesburg South Africa. His family release the statement reporting of his passing. The husband and father of two was said to have committed suicide in the early hours of today he was said to have […]

Comedienne, Real Warri Pikin recently shared a social media post where she opened up on how she resolved to take her own life a few years ago over a debt of 22 Million Naira. The ever-lively MC and comedienne went further to advise her fans and social media users to always take their mental health […]

A final year student at the Tai Solarin University of Education located in Ogun State, Nigeria, has been reported to have committed suicide, according to a post shared by a fellow student, it was gathered that the victim, Ogunbanwo Emmanuel, had 10 carryover courses to deal with which prevented him from participating in a teachers […]

A lady dropped her death note with a friend, claiming that she was going to commit suicide but thanks to the timely response of twitter users around her state, after her friend shared the tweet, she was saved from taking her life. Twitter user @Volqx shared screenshot of the suicide message the depressed mum sent to […]

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