Toke Makinwa speaks on her desire to become a mother

Written by on March 11, 2024

Toke Makinwa, a media personality, eagerly desired motherhood and believed her time was near.

Celebrating Mother’s Day on Sunday, she openly expressed her longing for motherhood, firmly convinced it was in her future.

Becoming a godmother intensified her desire for motherhood. Her niece captured her heart; her smile illuminated Makinwa’s world and transformed her. She marveled at the depth of love she felt for her goddaughter, never imagining it possible to love another human so deeply.

Declaring her affection for her niece, Makinwa pledged to continue celebrating Mother’s Day as her godmother until she became a mother herself.

“To the girl who stole my heart,
Her smile lights up my entire world,
You’ve made me a better person,
I didn’t know it was possible to love another human the way I love you.
I think of you so much and pray for you every single day.
I may not have brought you into this world but you’ve made me want to be a mom so bad.

Thank you to the best sister @abirydland who made me your godmother cos lord knows I needed you ❤️.

I cannot wait to be a Mother, I know it’s in the cards for me and it’ll happen soon, till then I’ll celebrate my first ever Mother’s Day as your godmother.

I love you deeply. ❤️
My goddaughter S.

To all the women in the waiting room and all the amazing mothers around the world, Happy Mother’s Day to you all”.

Toke Makinwa says she can't wait to be a mother

Toke Makinwa was previously married to fitness expert Maje Ayinde, but their union did not result in any children. Like many celebrity marriages, theirs ended in 2016 after two years due to adultery.

Reflecting on her failed marriage, Makinwa shared how she endured blame despite her ex-husband’s infidelity and fathering a child with another woman. She felt traumatized by the various versions people had of her marriage, casting her as the victim.

Despite the divorce, Makinwa expressed openness to remarriage. On her 35th birthday, she declared her readiness to give love and marriage another chance, affirming it would be her final year as a single woman.

In a past post, Makinwa expressed gratitude for being a positive influence on her husband’s children. She took to social media to celebrate how God uniquely crafted her, envisioning a fulfilling life ahead with her future husband and children, promising them an enjoyable life.

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