Tonto Dikeh Expresses Her Love For King Andre

Written by on July 3, 2023

Tonto Dikeh

Tonto Dikeh

In a surprising and heartfelt social media post, Nollywood actress and politician, Tonto Dikeh, has left her followers in shock with a rather poignant message. Taking to her Instastory on Sunday, she expressed her desire for her children to always remember her love and unwavering commitment to them, even in the event of her unexpected passing.

Tonto Dikeh, known for her versatility in the Nigerian film industry, with sincerity and warmth, expressed her deep affection for her kids, emphasizing that she would in fact go to any lengths to ensure their happiness and well-being. The post, which obviously captivated the hearts of her audience, conveyed the purest essence of a mother’s love.


Evidently, Tonto Dikeh is the proud mother her son, ‘King Andre’, whom she shares with her estranged husband, Olakunle Churchill. The bond between a mother and child is a special one, and Tonto’s desire to be remembered as a loving and devoted mother shows the importance she places on her role in her child’s lives.

A mother’s love knows no bounds. It is an unconditional and selfless force that guides and nurtures her children through every stage of their lives.

In a world that can sometimes be unpredictable and challenging, a mother’s love provides a sense of security and reassurance. It is a source of strength and comfort, even in the face of uncertainty. Tonto Dikeh’s message encapsulates this unwavering support and reminds us of the enduring power of a mother’s love.


Tonto Dikeh’s heartfelt message resonated deeply with her followers, touching the hearts of many who recognized the universal significance of a mother’s love. Her vulnerability and genuine expression of love for her children struck a chord, evoking emotions and inspiring reflection.

In a society that often takes maternal love for granted, Tonto Dikeh’s words evoke a renewed appreciation for the selflessness and unwavering commitment of mothers everywhere. Let us embrace her.


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