Twitter User reveals Yemi Alade’s secret to cashing out at AFCON

Written by on January 15, 2024

A recent report highlighted how the renowned Nigerian Twitter user, Dr. Penking, disclosed Yemi Alade’s consistent success in capitalizing on AFCON events.

Just hours ago, it was reported that Yemi Alade, alongside Magic System and Mohamed Ramadan, was officially announced as one of the headliners for AFCON 2023.

Yemi took to her Instagram to share this exciting news with her fans, expressing gratitude to the organizers for fostering a platform that unites Africans through their shared love for sports.

Upon learning about this, Dr. Penking characterized Yemi as a savvy entrepreneur, adept at capitalizing on AFCON opportunities. He emphasized Yemi’s strategic approach, noting how she habitually enters the studio two years prior to AFCON to produce a song celebrating Africa.

This thoughtful gesture endeared her to the organizers, who, in turn, chose her to headline the prestigious ceremony.

“Yemi Alade knows exactly how to cash out from AFCON. Every two years before AFCON, she would enter the studio and cook a new single shouting Africa oooooooo. Then AFCON will pay her 100 billion to come and perform it at the opening ceremony. Rinse and repeat. Smart money woman”.

DR Penking reveals how Yemi Alade cashes out at AFCON
Yemi Alade AFCON Twitter

Dr Penking could be right as Yemi Alade has become a constant headliner at AFCON.

A day back, Yemi Alade had floored a fan for comparing her to her colleague, Tiwa Savãge.

Yemi Alade, via the micro-blogging platform Twitter now known as X, teased huge news with her millions of fans as she addressed Africans, stating that the Time is now.

Reacting, a fan on twitter compared her with Tiwa Sav@ge, stating that she is better.

Clearly not pleased with the comparison, Yemi slammed him for the comparison, which she avowed is the thief of joy. She noted how she and Tiwa are both winning in their field as she urged her fans to celebrate and support both of them.

Last year, Yemi lamented the poor condition of Nigeria despite the breaking of Afrobeats in world music.

Yemi Alade testified that Afrobeats is steadily breaking barriers worldwide, and Nigerian ambassadors have continued to release melodious sounds.

The singer further revealed that her heart is with Nigeria, which is in the worst condition the country has ever experienced.

The award-winning singer also expressed excitement when she finally performed live without make-up for the first time in her career.

Yemi Alade, who shared the beautiful moment in her story, notified her fans that although it was never her plan to perform without make-up. Still, she has never felt so uninhibited and musically unhinged.

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