Kiss Daniel reacts to lawsuit by G-Worldwide

Written by on December 6, 2017

It is no longer news that Anidugbe Oluwatobiloba Daniel, AKA, Kiss Daniel, has been dragged to court by his former record label,

The record label alleged that the seven years deal signed by the singer has not expired, adding that the artist breached the deal with series of actions contrary to the provisions of the contract.


However kiss Daniel in a statement signed by his lawyer, Oluwaseyi Lawal (Esq) stated that, ‘The Federal High Court, Lagos denied and refused G-Worldwide LTD’s application for injunction, restraining him from performing, recording or using the stage name ‘Kiss Daniel’ as alleged by the former label.

They also insist that Kiss Daniel is yet to be officially served any letter or court document from his former label.


The statement entitled, ‘What G-Worldwide Entertainment Ltd will not tell you’ read thus:

‘’We are solicitors to Oluwatobiloba Daniel Anidugbe (Kiss Daniel) our attention has been drawn to the unfortunate publication by G-Worldwide Entertainment Ltd currently circulating on social media in respect of the exit of our client from G-Worldwide Entertainment Ltd.


”It has been said that “A lie unchallenged becomes the truth.” In view of the above, we wish to say as follows on behalf of our client: The Federal High Court sitting in Lagos denied and refused G-Worldwide Entertainment Ltd.’s application for injunction restraining our client from performing, recording or using the stage name “Kiss Daniel.”

”In other words, the court refused to grant any order of injunction to restrain or prevent Kiss Daniel from performing, recording or using the stage name “Kiss Daniel” as requested by G-Worldwide Entertainment Ltd.


”This application for injunction was surreptitiously and secretly filed without notice to our client but the court saw through the
deceit and refused the application. Kiss Daniel formally terminated his contract with G-Worldwide Entertainment Ltd via a letter dated 30th of October, 2017. The termination was done in compliance with the provisions of the Recording Contract between the parties.

”With regards to the name “Kiss Daniel”, our client was already using the combination of the stage name “Kiss” long before he ever met G-Worldwide Entertainment Ltd. The addition of “Daniel” (which is his middle name) was at his instance. It is therefore, laughable and unbelievable that G-Worldwide Entertainment Ltd will purportedly claim to own or have dashed our client his own middle name.”


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