I’ve realised that whenever I’m single I perform better-Ifu Ennada

Written by on November 9, 2021

Reality TV show star, Ifu Ennada has called on men trying to get her attention via her DM to keep off. This is coming after she initially made a post revealing how lonely she has become while living alone for years.

She wrote:

“I’ve realised that whenever I’m single I perform better, especially in my business, but when I’m dating I always get Brain Damage that affects alot of things in my life.


I know all men are not the same, but I’ve come to accept that dating/a love relationship isn’t for me. Maybe later, but right now, I’m really just focusing on myself and my work.

I’m in my late 20s and there’s a lot I need to achieve with my life, so many things more important than dating… I need my brain functioning normally so I can maximise my potentials. I hope you guys understand. Thank you


PS: I keep deleting DMs, but fresh ones keep showing up. Pls guys, stop. ??

Thanks again.”


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