LET’S TALK!! Do You Think “More Love, Less Ego” Will Be Bigger Than “Made In Lagos”?

Written by on May 23, 2022

In October of 2020, Wizkid put out his fourth studio album, “Made in Lagos.”

And, in less than two years, “Made in Lagos” have achieved for Wizkid what every other artist before him could only have dreamt of. Billboard 200, Billboard World, Gold certifications, a Grammy nomination, and a US Top 10 hit. It doesn’t get better than that, even for someone like WizKid.

The general consensus is that this is Wizkid’s peak and he might not be able to recreate what he did with MIL. Not now, not anytime soon, not ever. But the rollout for his next album has all but begun and things are starting to look up again.


Yesterday, the 31-year-old announced that he is done with his next studio album. This signals the beginning of a new post-MIL career for the man. The forthcoming project, “More Love, Less Ego” is rumored to be a star-studded project that will feature the likes of Ayra Starr, Victony, Alpha P, and more.

But just how good can “More Love, Less Ego” be for it to be a bigger album than the incredibly “Made in Lagos”? For one, it’ll have to get heavy promotion,  more than MIL, if there’s any chance of it being Wizkid’s biggest.


That said, knowing Wizkid, he might not release the album until next year. That will give his label more time to work out a release plan that would make the album successful. But very soon, we would get what would maybe be the first single off the album.


The question now is, will “More Love, Less Ego” be better—and bigger—than “Made in Lagos”?

I think not only is it almost sure that he won’t be able to achieve with this what he did with MIL, but it’s also unlikely that anything he ever releases after now becomes as big as “Made in Lagos.” This is Wizkid’s peak. Is there even a chance that he surpasses this?


What do y’all think?

Do You Think “More Love, Less Ego” Will Be Bigger Than Made in Lagos?

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