Mr Macaroni Warns Against Using Political Ties for Unlawful Detainment of Citizens

Written by on July 10, 2024

Popular Nigerian comedian and activist, Adebowale “Debo” Adedayo, known as Mr Macaroni, is a Nigerian actor, content creator, and citizen activist.

Additionally, he gained fame through comedic skits on social media. Depicting characters such as “Daddy Wa,” a political figure and sugar daddy, and “Professor Hard Life,” a strict lecturer showcasing his versatility and creativity.


Recently, he spoke out against the alleged misuse of influence to detain individuals, sparked by accusations against actress Toyin Abraham for purportedly using the police to detain citizens unlawfully.

He stressed the importance of seeking justice legally rather than resorting to extrajudicial measures.


Taking to social media late on July 9, 2024, Mr Macaroni underscored the significance of due process, stating, “If someone defames you, seek justice in court.

APC trolls insult and lie about me, but I’ve never used the police to arrest anyone unlawfully, nor will I. Illegally detaining citizens is highly dangerous.”




He cautioned against supporting such abuses of power while clarifying his stance against online harassment. he said “Those condoning this behaviour may regret it when they or their loved ones face similar situations. This isn’t about endorsing cyberbullying; I strongly condemn it and advocate accountability for those involved.”

Reflecting on personal experiences, Mr Macaroni empathized with victims of defamation and emphasized the long-term consequences of circumventing legal processes


The actor said “Do not misuse your government connections to detain citizens. It may benefit you momentarily, but consider the future when you lack that power.

It could affect you or someone close to you. What happens if everyone decides to take the law into their own hands?”


Mr Macaroni’s remarks followed social media reports accusing Toyin Abraham of using her influence to involve the police in the arrest of a man and his mother over defamation allegations.

The actress faced criticism from users, prompting discussions across social platforms. Reacting to the trending issue, Mr Macaroni engaged with fans and fellow users, advocating for adherence to legal procedures amidst public outcry.


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