Nollywood Veteran Saidi Balogun: Celebrities Are Just Like Us

Written by on July 10, 2024

Saheed Balogun, a seasoned Nigerian actor, filmmaker, director, and producer, recently supported Toyin Abraham amid criticism.
He advocated for equal rights and mental well-being considerations for celebrities, highlighting perceived public double standards.
On July 10, 2024, Saheed Balogun addressed the backlash against Toyin Abraham on Instagram, stressing fair treatment for celebrities.
He pointed out the irony of harsh scrutiny faced by public figures for actions considered normal for non-celebrities.
“In today’s society, celebrities endure relentless scrutiny. They deserve empathy as fellow human beings,” Saheed Balogun shared on social media.

He called for a balanced public judgment of celebrities’ actions, opposing perceptions of abuse of power. Saheed Balogun criticized labelling legitimate celebrity actions to protect dignity as bullying.


“Using legal means for minor disputes is acceptable for non-celebrities but seen as bullying for celebrities,” he noted.

His comments coincided with Toyin Abraham facing social media allegations of orchestrating a critic’s arrest. Toyin Abraham clarified, stating she filed a cybercrime petition, not initiated an arrest.


“I didn’t order arrests. I sought legal redress against defamation,” clarified Toyin Abraham, expressing frustration with public scrutiny. During a livestream, Toyin Abraham revealed emotional distress from persistent public criticism.

“The constant attacks pushed me to the brink. I’ve contemplated giving up,” she shared, citing the toll on her mental health.


Saheed Balogun’s support for Toyin Abraham sparked a dialogue on celebrity treatment and public empathy.

His advocacy for fairness and respect resonated, prompting reflection on media and public responsibilities.


In conclusion, Saheed Balogun highlighted the challenges celebrities face in navigating fame and scrutiny. He called for empathy, advocating a balanced approach in public interactions with celebrities


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