Police Release Zfancy from Custody Following Week-Long Arrest

Written by on July 11, 2024

Zfancy, the prankster also known as Zion Ubani, exited police custody on July 10, 2024, after authorities arrested him a week prior.

His detention was due to a staged ritual video aimed at sparking controversy and marking his return to the industry after a hiatus.


Zfancy, known for daring pranks, had been absent for over a year for undisclosed reasons. To rejuvenate his career, he orchestrated a video falsely accusing him of rituals, intending to generate online buzz.

Despite the video’s virality, it failed to convince many viewers, prompting social media critics like VeryDarkman to call for investigations.


Nearly three weeks later, hoax videos emerged accusing Zfancy of grave offences, leading to his arrest by the Nigerian Police Force (NPF )in Abuja’s Wuye area on July 3.


Released on bail on July 10 to the executives of Zfancy of the Practitioners of Content Creation, Skit-Making, and Influencers Guild of Nigeria (PCCSIGN).

Zfancy received a stern warning from the police against perpetrating pranks that could incite public unrest. The police clarified that they scripted the allegations against him


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