Bobrisky promises a lucky fan luxury treatment at a hotel

Written by on March 14, 2024

Bobrisky is known for making controversial statements, and he has done it again.

He took to Instagram to make a post, and this is what he wrote;

“I’m chilling at EKO hotel signature tomorrow for few days, I want to pay for one night for one fans 390,000 per night. I’m gonna be responsible for ur feeding throughout tomorrow. You see that luxury lifestyle we gonna enjoy it together.”

Bobrisky promises lucky fan luxury treatment at a hotel.

Bobrisky, in his caption, expressed his willingness to offer a lavish treat to a lucky fan, extending an invitation for them to be chauffeured to a hotel in his Gwagon.

He encouraged fans to share why they felt deserving of such royal treatment, promising a cash reward for the most compelling response.

This gesture reflects Bobrisky’s consistent generosity towards his fan base, as he frequently organizes giveaways and has previously gifted money to fans, including a notable instance where he awarded one million naira and a new phone to a fan who tattooed his face on her body. Others who followed suit were also rewarded.

The unique aspect of this particular gift is its setting within a hotel, a choice that may raise eyebrows given the societal perceptions of such establishments in Nigeria.

Some may question Bobrisky’s intentions behind this offer, wondering whether they are entirely altruistic or not. However, it’s essential to recognize that Bobrisky has a history of going above and beyond to show appreciation to his fans.

While the financial and logistical aspects of Bobrisky’s proposal may seem significant, given the luxury hotel setting, it’s worth noting that he has a track record of generously gifting large sums of money.

This past generosity suggests that the cost of lodging a fan in a luxury hotel may not be a considerable burden for him. Nonetheless, lingering questions remain about the underlying intentions of accommodating a random fan in such opulent surroundings.

The debate over whether Bobrisky’s motives are pure in this instance will likely continue among his followers. Nevertheless, the opportunity presents an exciting prospect for one lucky fan to experience a taste of luxury courtesy of Bobrisky, further solidifying the bond between the social media personality and his dedicated fan base.

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