Bobrisky reveals in new post “I’m not crushing on Wizkid because of money”

Written by on March 18, 2024

Bobrisky has consistently professed his adoration for Wizkid, openly declaring him as his lifelong crush. The controversial cross dresser recently took to Instagram to express his feelings regarding his affection for Wizkid.

He wrote, “My boyfriend asked babe if you weren’t with me who would you have love to be with? It’s simple WIZKID”

Bobrisky reveals that he isn’t crushing on Wizkid because of money.

Bobrisky took to his caption to express his feelings towards Wizkid, stating that his admiration for the singer dates back to their days at the University of Lagos. Despite being in close proximity to Wizkid during his last visit to Nigeria at EKO Hotel, Bobrisky emphasized that he wasn’t overly enthusiastic, attributing it to his financial independence.


From Bobrisky’s post, it’s evident that his affection for Wizkid isn’t motivated by the singer’s wealth, as he affirmed his own financial status. This represents a relatively mild declaration of admiration compared to past instances where Bobrisky even hinted at the possibility of legal action against Wizkid, a drastic measure considering they’ve never met.

This one-sided infatuation between Bobrisky and Wizkid has persisted for over eight years, with Bobrisky openly professing his love while Wizkid remains silent on the matter. Despite Bobrisky’s vocal declarations, Wizkid rarely acknowledges or responds to such online chatter.


Although Wizkid generally maintains silence on social media, he occasionally unleashes bursts of activity, often stirring controversy with his statements. In a recent instance, Wizkid made unconventional remarks, urging Nigerians not to categorize him as an Afro beats artist and expressing frustration over bloggers’ coverage of his forthcoming album release. These outbursts offer glimpses into Wizkid’s mindset, stirring public reaction with his unconventional statements.

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