Chef Derin laments in leaked chat, as he gets exposed

Written by on March 18, 2024

After Chef Derin expressed his frustrations on social media regarding Instagram baddies distancing themselves from him, it seems his relationship with Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eyes’ housemate, Saskay, has been exposed.

As per reports, Chef Derin shared his concerns about how his connection with the reality star impacted his female friends.

Since he went public with Saskay, Chef Derin noticed a change in his interactions with his Instagram baddies. He expressed his regret and apologized to those who might have developed feelings for him, clarifying that he’s now in a committed relationship.

In the wake of his statements, a netizen uncovered some of his conversations where Chef Derin expressed dissatisfaction with his relationship. According to the chat, he mentioned that his intimate life with his partner wasn’t fulfilling and that he wasn’t enjoying the attention garnered from their relationship. He also hinted that he felt pressured into the relationship.

Chef Derin further claimed that it wasn’t his preference to announce his relationship publicly, implying that it was his partner who pushed for the revelation.

“The sex is terrible, na you push me go this place where I dey. I’m not enjoying the clout, I only posted because I had to (friend) she has been the one pushing it”.

Chef Derin says sex is terrible

Earlier this month, Saskay revealed her mystery lover on her Twitter, now known as X page, sharing a photo of him as she reminisced about the month. Likewise, her partner took to his own Twitter page to reminisce about his February memories, featuring a photo of them together inside an elevator.

Nigerians quickly uncovered the identity of her beau, Nigerian chef Chef Derin. This revelation added more context to Saskay’s love life.

In discussions about Saskay’s romantic entanglements, many were disappointed by her treatment of former housemate Jaypaul over Cross. During the reunion, Cross admitted his feelings for Saskay, expressing a desire for a relationship, but Saskay showed no reciprocal effort. It seemed to him that Saskay viewed their connection as merely strategic during their time in the house.

Jaypaul, on the other hand, confessed that he was unaware of Cross and Saskay’s relationship until after leaving the house. He had hoped for a friendship with Saskay, but felt she prioritized her fans over their relationship, failing to take their bond seriously.

Saskay defended herself, asserting that she had tried to maintain a balance between the two men, although she now realized she may not have made the best decisions. She denied playing games with either of them and insisted she had made sincere efforts to nurture both friendships.

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