DJ Cuppy queries ladies on their lost loves

Written by on February 5, 2024

Florence Otedola, widely recognized as DJ Cuppy, took a moment to reflect on the past. She specifically called out women who, in bygone days, would stay up until the wee hours engaging in phone conversations with guys.

With a hint of curiosity, DJ Cuppy questioned the present whereabouts and circumstances of those gentlemen who once filled those late-night talks.


 In her words, she said,

“Remember when you stayed up till 3am talking to that guy on the phone?


Well, where is he now?

You should have slept”


A multitude of women resonated with DJ Cuppy’s recent Twitter remarks, expressing collective agreement and, in some instances, regret for the optimistic belief that prolonged talking stages would inevitably translate into substantial relationships.

Just a mere week prior, DJ Cuppy had unveiled her aspirations for the approaching year, laying out a comprehensive vision.

Her goals were ambitious but poignant – she aspired to evolve into the healthiest, most aesthetically pleasing, successful, and tranquil version of herself come 2024. This declaration not only reflected personal growth but also an affirmation of self-love and empowerment.


Reflecting on previous weeks, DJ Cuppy had openly discussed her fitness resolutions for the upcoming year. The gym held a significant place in her plans, becoming a metaphorical battleground where she aimed to conquer personal milestones. In a unique twist, she likened her commitment to the gym to her past relationship, particularly her ex-boyfriend, Ryan Taylor. The analogy was precise and powerful, as Cuppy conveyed her intent to give the gym as many opportunities as she had extended to her ex in the previous year. This statement, delivered with finesse, served as a pointed and subtle reference to her former fiancé, Ryan Taylor, adding a layer of personal history to her fitness journey.

The convergence of these revelations paints a holistic picture of DJ Cuppy’s mindset as she steps into the new year. It’s a narrative of self-determination, growth, and a nuanced response to past experiences.


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