KORRA EX- HUSBAND JUSTIN DEAN Reveals How Korra Used and Dumped Him

Written by on July 21, 2023

KORRA EX- HUSBAND JUSTIN DEAN Reveals How Korra Used and Dumped Him


American chiropractor, Justin Dean, ex-husband of Korra Obidi has come out to reveal how his wife used and dumped him.
Justin Dean, took to his social media page to share his side of the story, debunking misconceptions and shedding light on the dynamics of their marriage.

According to Justin, their relationship and marriage were once a beautiful union. When they got married, Korra’s career was at a budding stage, and she was earning very little. Her job barely allowed her the time to pursue her passion for singing and dancing. Recognizing her talent and potential, Justin actively supported her and encouraged her to use her creative abilities to make money online. He offered guidance and directed her on how to create engaging content using her talents.


Seeing the potential for growth in the entertainment industry, Justin also suggested that Korra consider relocating to Los Angeles, a city renowned for its thriving entertainment sector. He believed that this move would open doors of opportunity for her career. Throughout their journey, Justin provided unwavering moral support, particularly during times when Korra faced challenges and received little response to her content offerings.

He added that, he actively took part in Korra’s content creation process by getting hands-on experience in several areas. Justin claimed to have helped with the filming, editing, and idea-generation to improve the attraction of her video to internet viewers.
However, despite Justin’s efforts to advance Korra’s business, he claims that all he received in return from his ex-wife was slander and animosity. The situation seems to have led to deep disappointment on his part, as he expressed his feelings of being used and dumped.

The public’s reaction to Justin’s revelations has been mixed. Some have expressed sympathy and support for him, while others have questioned the timing and motivation behind his disclosure. It is not uncommon for relationships to encounter challenges and complexities, and the public exposure of such intimate details can be both painful and uncomfortable for those involved.
As fans, it is crucial to exercise empathy and respect their privacy, allowing them the space to navigate their feelings and emotions privately.


Relationships are complex, and it is essential to remember that the individuals involved have their unique experiences and perspectives that may not be fully understood by outsiders and what may have transpired between Justin and Korra is known to them and not by anyone.


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