Laide Bakare defends her new lover amid recent scandal

Written by on January 15, 2024

Laide Bakare, a Nollywood actress, passionately defended her mysterious new lover on Instagram. Emphasizing the adage that what pleases one may not please another, she acknowledged hearing various things about him lately, which left her quite surprised.

While not delving into specifics, she shared that despite the ongoing scandal, she confidently stepped out with him for a stylish dinner date.

“One man’s food it’s Another man’s poison. I have heard A lot about him in recent times. Haba! Out for Dinner jare. HAPPY SUNDAY LOVERS”.

Laide Bakare says one man's food is another man's poison

Taking to her comment section, some of her fans and followers urged her on.

One Blackndbold wrote, “Every want to marry but can’t endite all the consequence. OBIRIN

One Lopery Dalton wrote, “Am glad for you we all deserve happiness

One Neyo Okikiola wrote, “Everybody get him own for body, we are not perfect that’s why we are human beings

One Bollie Bae wrote, “Is this real? If it is I’m so happy for you both. He’s a cool man

One Simply Bashirat wrote, “You deserve to be happy

One Testimony wrote, “Is this real or we should be expecting a movie from you two? But truth be told this man is handsome”.

In a prior report, it was indicated that Laide had rekindled her love life. This revelation followed the posting of a affectionate video featuring her and an unidentified man sporting a wedding ring, signifying his marital status.

Laide Bakare publicly introduced her mystery man late last year on Instagram. She expressed her views on love, inviting her fans and well-wishers to join them at Amore Garden, Lekki, on December 2nd.

Encouraging her followers, she shared a post advocating for the courage to embrace love anew.

Laide Bakare’s initial marriage was with Olumide Okufulure, a U.S.-based business tycoon. Her second marriage was to Alhaji Mutairu Atanda Orilowo. The first marriage produced a daughter, Simi.

Regrettably, her marriage with Olumide was short-lived. In 2012, she entered a clandestine union with Mutairu, resulting in two sons. The relationship crumbled when Mutairu faced accusations of fraudulent activities, leading to the EFCC declaring him wanted in 2014.

By 2023, Laide had taken to calling out her ex-husbands for being neglectful fathers. Terming them “Awon ex-hubby isonu,” she recounted their desire for her suffering, but she asserted that divine intervention prevented that outcome.

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