Netizens slam Laide Bakare over her advice to women with cheating partners

Written by on January 31, 2024

Nollywood actress, Laide Bakare, faced online criticism for her advice to women dealing with unfaithful partners.

During an interview with Oyinmomo TV, the movie star declared that if her man cheated, she would retaliate, asserting that all men are unfaithful.

Laide Bakare boldly claimed that 100 percent of men cheat, questioning the existence of any man on Earth who remains faithful.

For women grappling with cheating partners, Bakare advised against leaving but instead advocated for retaliation with maturity.

This advice triggered a backlash from netizens who disapproved. One netizen pointed out her history of having children with different men.

One Mr Georgia wrote, “Na why she get 4 pikin for 4 papa

One I Am King Dinero wrote, “Please stop generalizing it. There are good and responsible men out there who don’t cheat and won’t cheat.

One Beo Yes wrote, “It’s a shameful thing sharing the same country with Yoruba tr!be

One Udochukwu wrote, “Madam not all men cheat, we still have faithful men like me.

One Sbn Michael wrote, “Not all men cheat. Don’t downplay the decent men’s effort pls

One Mz Yemmy wrote, “Speak for yourself madam cus mine don’t cheat”.

Laide Bakare cheating partner

In a similar vein, Dorathy Bachor, a former participant in Big Brother Naija ‘Lockdown,’ asserted her stance on infidelity. She expressed a commitment to reciprocate if a man were to cheat on her.

As an entrepreneur, Dorathy emphasized her loyalty in relationships. While she acknowledged conversing with multiple people, once she committed, her focus was undivided. She believed in transparent communication, being an open book for her partner, and expected the same level of openness in return. Her perspective rested on the principle that her partner shouldn’t engage in actions they wouldn’t want her to undertake.

In a different take on infidelity, Nigerian singer Ric Hassani, born Ikechukwu Eric Ahiauzu, shared his perspective. He contended that he didn’t mind infidelity in a relationship, provided there existed a profound connection between him and his partner.

Ric Hassani went on to express a unique viewpoint, stating his willingness to permit his partner to engage in such behavior. According to him, life is singular, and individuals should seize the opportunity to live it to the fullest. In his opinion, allowing such freedom contributes to a more fulfilling existence.

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