Portable appreciates babymama, Ashabi days after dragging her

Written by on March 12, 2024

It appears that the relationship between controversial singer Portable and his third babymama, Ashabi, has been experiencing constant ups and downs.

For days, the singer has been publicly humiliating her on social media, surprising many with his sudden change in tone as he publicly acknowledged her with sweet words on his 30th birthday.

Ashabi, in celebration of the occasion, penned a heartfelt note to him, expressing him as her choice and celebrity crush. She showered him with powerful prayers as he embarked on a new decade.

Responding to her gesture, Portable took to her comment section, appreciating her for the prayerful message. Referring to her as his woman and Queen, he expressed confidence that their bond wouldn’t falter.

“Thanks my woman. E no go spoil for me and you. My star queen”.

Portable says things wouldn't spoil for him and Ashabi

Just days ago, Portable publicly criticized Ashabi, accusing her of attempting to sabotage his marriage, a move that came as a shock to many.

The up-and-coming singer lashed out at Ashabi, claiming her actions were motivated by desperation for love. He advised her to seek affection elsewhere, suggesting she visit Ile Ife. Portable expressed disappointment, citing his support for her and accusing her of ingratitude.

Their public dispute erupted in January when Ashabi disclosed details of their relationship in an interview. Despite knowing about Portable’s marital status and other romantic involvements, she professed to feeling exclusively connected to him.

Portable retaliated by dismissing her as a mere side affair and emphasizing his commitment to his wife.

Ashabi refused to be intimidated, asserting that not everyone possesses the same level of understanding.

Despite their tumultuous relationship, the couple briefly reconciled. Portable publicly reaffirmed his commitment to Ashabi, even reposting a TikTok video where she referred to herself as his wife and queen. However, their truce was short-lived as Portable accused her of jeopardizing his marriage and exploiting their relationship for her movie promotion.

On Valentine’s Day, Ashabi publicly declared her enduring affection for Portable, sharing a video of them laughing together. She vowed unwavering support, expressing her determination to stand by him despite his doubts and attempts to push her away.

Ashabi, ‘Portable’s babymama’ declares love for him as he turns 30

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