Regina Daniels raises eyebrows as she shares new photos wearing a hijab

Written by on February 7, 2024

Nollywood actress Regina Daniels caused quite a stir on Instagram with her latest post. In the photo, she was seen donning a striking pink hijab, complemented by a flowing dress that covered her entire body. Accompanying the image was a caption that read, ‘I am who you think I am.’ While the precise meaning behind her words remains uncertain, it has sparked speculation among her followers. Many speculate that her choice of attire may indicate her affiliation with the Muslim faith, as such garments are commonly worn by Nigerian Muslims.

Regina Daniels rocks hijab in new post

Regina Daniels embarked on the journey of matrimony with billionaire Ned Nwoko, a devout Muslim, indicating a potential conversion, although she hasn’t explicitly confirmed it.

In recent times, Regina appears to have grown more comfortable with her marital status, evident from her decision to include her husband’s surname, Ned Nwoko, on her Instagram profile. This marks a departure from her previous practice of exclusively using her maiden name.


However, Regina’s marital journey has been anything but smooth sailing, especially in the public eye. Despite facing criticism and scrutiny, she has demonstrated resilience and steadfastness in her commitment. Over time, she has earned praise for her choice to marry Ned Nwoko, with many commending her for following her heart despite the initial backlash.

Given the significance of religion in many cultures, Regina’s recent social media post has sparked speculation. Converting to a different faith is not an everyday occurrence, prompting questions about whether Regina has embraced Islam or is simply paying homage to her husband’s religious beliefs.


Ultimately, Regina’s personal journey and choices remain hers alone, and whatever path she chooses, her admirers and critics alike will undoubtedly be watching with keen interest.

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