Written by on April 27, 2022

There is still more drama brewing as music producer cum blogger Samklef has noted that he is not at war with anybody in the entertainment industry, but he is only trying to get what he deserves.

All of this is coming days after the producer had demanded his unpaid royalties from EME music label boss, Banky W, over his contribution to Wizkid’s hit song, ‘Pakurumo’ which was released eleven years ago.


The said song ‘Pakurumo’ was among the songs on Wizkid’s Superstar album, while he was signed under the Empire Mates Entertainment (EME) music label.

Reacting, Banky W had in his response, asked Samklef to take his demands to Wizkid, after the producer rolled out the royalty split sheet as evidence.


In the latest development, Samklef in a series of tweets wrote, “U all remembered Banky told me to drag @wizkidayo based on my publishing and royalties for the past 11 years? After consulting with my team of lawyers, have been told to drag Banky not wizkidayo cause the album was released under EME.”

In another tweet, the producer wrote, “Dear @wizkidayo remember we were brothers b4 anything @bankywellington say you comot my name from pakurumo publishing and also know about all my 11 years royalties. And na u give @sonymusic @sonymusicafrica Let’s fix this in peace. Him say make I pour my anger to you. So I will give him 6 days to provide me both his lawyers and wizkidayo lawyers emails. Samklef opened the courthouse. If he sold the album out, I would like to know b4 next week. Don’t play with me.”


Quoting the same tweet, he also wrote, “I know u don’t read ur dms so I will like u to instruct ur lawyers to reach out” in reference to Wizkid.

We will be keeping our fingers crossed waiting for the next step by Samklef or a response from Wizkid or Sony Music.


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